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tablet counting machine



 tablet counting machine 

The detailed contents:

 capsule and tablet counting machine /single head capsule counting machine / tablet counter


machine feature :

1.machine Use automatic frequency conversionm, this double counting (particle ) machine is a new concept for designing a new algebraic tablets machine

2. capsule counting machine Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, energy sphere pellets, soft and hard capsules or sheet goods automatic counting and filling

3. machine has reasonable design, simple operation and easy maintenance, can be single or use the connection ( according to the requirements customers with dust-proof cover ).

4. when machine working , it has small noise, stable, accurate count down.

5.When no bottle, machine can automatic shutdown at once.

6.machine have principles of advanced design, reasonable and compact structure.

7.for frequency control, production speed controllable.

8. all electrical components are all well-known brands.

9.the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel production, easy maintenance.



machine technical parameter as follow:

Pill diameter: 4-14mm

Bottles/round of counting plate (mm): 50-100table 3bottle/round

100-200 table 2bottle/round

500-1000 table 1bottle/round

Diameter of counting plate: 480-520mm

Specifications of bottle: 50-100(mm)

Production capacity (bottle/min): 12-36

Power of motor (KW):0.75kw

Overall size (mm): 2600*900*1700

Weight (kg):360kg