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corona treatment machine



 corona treatment machine 

The detailed contents:

 3D curved face corona treatment/ plastic film surface corona treatment machine


plastic corona treatment machine Features


machine use digitall conterolled circuit with microcomputer to covert corona value into quantify.Numeral showed the output power.It adopts ultrathin hang fabric and natural cooling design at the control section.Self-governed mode to work safety and credible. The broken cup and the rotten cup examination, provides the PLC control signal


Data parameters of plastic corona treatment machine


Model: 3D-2

Input Voltage: 110v /50 Hz

Incoming current: 8A

Power: 1600w

Efficiency working area: 50mm*2

Output cable length: 1.8m

Temperature, moisture: Temperature -10°C--+55°C, humidity 20% -- 93% no curdle