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NEW sheep wool washing machine

washing wool machine :

is used to wash the wool , cotton or chemical fiber or their cloth material fabric which is the best chose for hotel, school,wool or cotton processing factory.

This wool washing machine made of stainless steel,the material is wearable and easy to clean.Opean the wool very efficiency.



The industrial washing wool machine

has the following features: quick steam heating, easy operation, convenient upgrading, wide usage range, to meet with the users’ requirements, Based on the applicable scope, beautiful outside appearance, convenient operation, stable running and conveniefnt upgrading. It is a kind of economic washing machinery.


Based the gas driving valve, electromagnetic valve, NC constant temperature and programmable as the controlling components. As per the preset temperature, add the steam automatically to keep the stable temperature, setup the time to control the working time automatically so as to control the machine easily. The machine is made of the high-quality stainless steel plate and other components to ensure all the users high and reliable quality.