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new industrial sheep wool dewatering machine

Machine working principle:

Centrifuge machine as its working principle, that is driven by the motor for high-speed rotation of the liner was made of water in the clothes made of high-speed rotation for centrifugal movement, the water in the inner shell of the inner shell splash around the liner, to dehydration purpose.

Machine main parts:

1, stainless steel shell: thickness 2mm, 304 stainless steel

2, thickened liner screen: thickness 3mm, plum-shaped punching plate, aperture 5mm, external stiffeners, durable

3, conical bearings: built-in NSK high quality bearings 2 pieces.

4, thick cast iron base

5, shock absorber spring

6, centrifugal clutch: support equipment to start slowly, to avoid material imbalance

7, brake: manual, foot, you can choose one.

8, copper motor + protective cover