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how much you know about Dumpling ?

Jiaozi (饺子),it is a traditional food of China .its original from the center of China ,its have more than 1800 years history. Dumplings is a favorite food of Chinese ,more popular in North of China , for the big festival ,Dumpling will be make and eat for main food . In China, we also called dumpling as “jiao er”,when making dumpling , people like to hide some fruit or coin into it ,means fortune ,happiness . Who eat that dumpling will get good chance in next year .according to the season vegetable and people taste , the dumpling have different stuffing material . Meat stuffing and vegetable stuffing can be choice .you can according to your taste to make dumpling . For the dumpling shape also have different , round ,samosa,square shape and so on .different place have different dumpling feature .according its cook way , also have different , such as in shanghai , they fryer dumpling , its became GUOTIE In Guangzhou ,they steam cook it ,call it XIAJIAO shrimp dumpling . In Shandong , people cook dumpling with meat soup ,we called it GAOTANG Dumpling . Besides CHINA , dumpling also very popular in world . Dumpling have different name by different language . In english call dumpling ; Japanese ぎょうざ;Korean 만두;Spanish ravioles ;French ravioli ; Mexico empanada . As a kind of food , dumpling is popular in worldwide. Its can be made by hand , also can be made by machine . Its can be frozen for long time storage . Different taste ,different experience . For now , the dumpling color also being more choice , green , pink ,purple and so on , add the vegetable color into flour , you also can make color dumpling , why not to have a try ~~