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gyoza making machine





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 gyoza making machinepan-fried japanese dumpling gyoza making machine


  • pan-fried japanese dumpling gyoza making machine introduce :this kind of gyoza making machine Mainly refers to the filling of the mixed vegetable stuff and the designated feeding port of the machine, and the finished gyoza can be produced by turning on the machine. The machine has the advantages of fast production speed, save time and labor , etc.; it is widely used in restaurants. , Canteens, schools, enterprises and institutions, and fast food, dumpling processing industries.
  • pan-fried japanese dumpling gyoza making machine working principle :Put the ready dough and stuffing fillings into the machine, and turn on the button to let machine begin working . When the wrapper are rolled forward and output, the fillings will then fall to the middle of the wrapper and be squeezed by the outlet. The dough wraps and the stuffing fillings in a certain shape, and the gyoza are made.
  • pan-fried japanese dumpling gyoza making machine feature :
  • The design is relatively compact.
  • The production capacity reaches 1500pcs/h.
  • The technical requirements for operation are relatively low.
  • The size and shape of the dumplings, the weight of the filling, and the thickness of the dumpling wrappers can all be adjusted.
  • model JZJ-45
    Yield 1500pcs/h
    motor 90w 220v
    machine size 350*370*480mm
    weight 85kg
    hs code 8438100090
    material food touch part sus
    wrapper diameter 80mm customized