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roti pita bread forming machine



function: dough ball forming--press pite---oven roast pita--cooling conveyor.

its a whole machine line for pita bread making machine . 


The detailed contents:

Pita bread machine feature : this is an automatic bread making machine ,suitable to make pancake , roti, tortilla , Mexico Burritos,chinese thin bread, duck bread etc.             

Pita bread machine  function included: dough ball forming---dough pressing heating--baking belt--cooling conveyor belt.                                                                                       

Pita bread Machine structure: dough ball maker--dough cutting part--hot pressing plate--control board---baking system--cooling syste.                                                                                                                       

Pita bread Machine feature:

1. autoamtic machine use control panel box control , one need 2 people control machine , save labor .

2. the final tortilla diameter and thickness can be adjust according to user requirement in on size range .

3.the working performance is very nice and the operate is simple,capacity is around 2000pieces/h according to the bread diameter size .

4. machine made by stainlee steel material and PE Belt , meet food requirement standard .

 this machine can be use to make pita bread , the thickness and the bread diameter can be customized:


Machine technical parameter:

model capacity motor thickness machine size machine weight
350 150-250pcs/h 7kw 0.5-4mm 1500*600*1200mm 100kg
450 700-1500pcs/h 20kw 0.5-4mm 5200*800*1400mm 420kg
650 1500-2500pcs/h 28kw 0.5-4mm 5200*1050*1400mm 500kg



pita forming machine photo and final pita picture: